trackinapack™ GPS Tracking Devices

High performance, ease of use and value for money is at the heart of the system. trackinapack™ offers a choice of powerful, small GPS tracking devices, combined with web based GPS tracking and mobile phone based software with no contract.

advanced plus

trackinapack: advanced plus – the very latest tracking technology from only $299!


TRACKINAPACK Advanced Plus is optimized for today’s demanding, high performance GPS tracking. It excels when used for GPS package tracking, personal tracking and other safety, security and asset visibility are paramount.

Recommended For:

      • GPS Personal Tracking
      • GPS Package Tracking
      • GPS Asset Tracking

HD covert gps tracker

NEW! trackinapack:HD+ – Ruggedized, 18 month battery life and highly sensitive, from only $399!


The TRACKINAPACK™ HD+ GPS tracking device represents the very latest in robust, long life and reliable GPS tracking. It already has the reputation as one of the toughest tracking devices on the market.

Recommended For:

      • Realtime GPS Vehicle and Trailer Tracking
      • GPS Package Tracking
      • GPS Asset Tracking

trackinapack™ Features & Functions

    • Birds Eye View & Streetview – view the device’s present location and location history on Google streetview and Bing satellite maps
    • Live Tracking  – follow the device in realtime as it moves on the map
    • Geofences – get SMS alerts when your device enters or leaves an area anywhere in the USA and the world
    • Battery life – smart power management that maximises its tracking time
    • Accuracy – high sensitivity means the device gets position fixes where other devices can’t
    • Motion detection technology  – receive reports via SMS when the device moves
    • Global Coverage – at no extra cost the device will transmit its location to you from over 150 countries

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Track It Everywhere, From Anywhere

The trackinapack™ system includes software allowing you to monitor and control your tracker from anywhere in the world.

You can view ‘live tracking’ at anytime from a smart phone, tablets such as the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry as well as internet browsers.

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Everything You Need From Only $299! The Most Cost Effective GPS Tracking Solution. No Contracts = Pay As You Go Freedom

When you buy your trackinapack™ devices they come ready activated, unlike other gps tracking systems, we dont charge you to activate your device.

Other gps tracking companies will charge you annual fees to access online maps and software so you can see where your tracking devices are. Not us. We guarantee that we will not charge you any annual fees. This means that in the times when you dont need to use your trackinapack, you are not paying us any subscription fees.


Control Your Costs And Only Pay When You Track

With trackinapack™ software apps you don’t have to worry about annual contracts.

Your trackinapack™ GPS system is completely Pay As You Go giving you access free of charge to all our software and the flexibility of how often the device reports its location, for example from every 10 seconds to once an hour.


Using Your Credits

You can view how many credits are left inside your software account.

POSITIONS CREDITS’ … Each time a trackinapack™ sends back a location, you use one credit. You can buy different volumes of position credits depending upon your usage and they are added quickly to your account.

SMS CREDITS ’ …. Sometimes you may need to send a new instruction to your trackinapack, perhaps a change to the tracking interval, or to perform a location on demand. This uses SMS credits. Also if you set an alert to be sent to your phone or perform a locate by calling your device this will also use an SMS credit.

When you need to recharge your credits, you can purchase credits in different volumes to suit your budget through our secure online payment portal in partnership with PayPal.

What Do You Want TRACKINAPACK™ To Track?

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You can order your trackinapack™ device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with free postage and packing.

You will receive your order within 5 working days. We always deliver our devices ready activated and they will work straight out of the box.

You will be provided with your own secure login to all our software.

No Risk TRACKINAPACK™ Guarantee


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