GPS Trailer Tracking For Trucking & Haulage

Why Trailer GPS Tracking?

Many trailer companies and firms responsible for the movement of goods through their trailer capacity, are actually having a lot problems in terms of delivering an efficient service and utilising their trailer fleet effectively. Some of these challenges can cause these firms a huge amount of money and weak competitive advantage.

trailer trackers

By choosing a GPS tracker for their trailers, many existing issues hampering a trailer service business can be eliminated resuting in a leaner and more efficient trailer business and improved customer service.

Many trucking operators leave trailers unguarded and unattended which makes them vulnerable to theft. With a trailer tracker and the trackinapack trailer tracking system, theft of trailers will be a thing of the past.

Asset Utilization, Driver Monitoring

Some employees, truck drivers to be exact, would sneak in their “own businesses” which is outside of the company’s business during the delivery of a certain product. This then can lead to a better and more careful driver monitoring system. Thus, drivers, better be watchful on what you are doing. Another thing that one must remember about using the GPS is that it gives the companies the power to know where a certain truck is located.

Return on Investment

GPS is such a very powerful device in the trucking and haulage world. The point here is that with the usage of the GPS, traveling time is lessened, consuming hundreds, if not thousands of liters, of gasoline and diesoline is minimized, and corruption among the manpower group in companies are carefully monitored and watched.  Hence, instead of the usual number of deliveries, more products would be delivered and gas expenses would be minimized. This would then lead to a better and more productive asset utilization.

TRACKINAPACK has used our experience in the haulage industry to develop specialised GPS trailer tracking devices to meet the needs of trailer service providers.

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gps tracking devicesWhich GPS Tracking Device Do You Need?

Trailer Tracking is just one click of a button away. Watch the video where we explain the features of each tracking device and find out which trackinapack™ is right for you.