How Credits Work

Buying credits is a very simple process. This page will talk you through how the credits purchase works and will explain a little more about the credits system.


Credits Overview
      • Credits are purchased securely online using a credit or debit card.
      • You will be connected to the MYTRACKINGDEVICES.COM LLC PAYPAL account.
      • Credits are applied by our team as soon as we receive notification from PayPal of your payment.


Types Of Credits

You can purchase the following types of credits and credit packages:

Prepaid credit bundles : These combine SMS and POSITION credits in a single purchase and can be bought at varying quantities. 
Prepaid unlimited : These offer unlimited amounts of SMS and POSITION credits for a specific period of time until the time period has finished.
Recharge positions : These offer different quantities of position credits that can be used to reload additional position credits. These cannot be purchased for new device activations.
Recharge SMS : These offer different quantities of SMS credits that can be used to reload additional SMS credits. These cannot be purchased for new device activations.


The Purchase Process

On the buy credits page you can choose bundle, unlimited and recharge options. To successfully purchase credits for your device(s), please closely familiarise yourself with the following purchase process:

Step 1: Locate the desired credit option and click “add to cart”

You will see a new window or tab that looks like this:


If you wish to add multiple credit purchases, simply click “continue shopping” and you will be taken back to the buy credits page. Click the “add to the cart” button to add the selected credit option to your shopping basket.

If you have added another credit option your shopping basket will be updated, for example:

You can repeat this process for different credit options.

If you want multiple quantities of the same credit option, you can simply adjust the quantity number and click update.

Step 2: To finalise your method of payment, click the “checkout” or “checkout with paypal” button. You do not need a paypal account to buy credits.


If you have a paypal account, login to start the payment process

If you dont have a paypal account, click “dont have a paypal account?” and input your payment information

Step 3: During the payment process you will see an option to “ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO SELLER”


You should click the link and see the following window:

Type into this box how you want to apply the credits, for example:

Step 4: When you have finished, click “save”, and then click “pay now”.

If your payment is successful you will either be redirected back to our website or will see the following message:


We will receive immediate notification of your payment including your special instructions telling us which device(s) to apply the chosen credit options to.

If there is any query, or if you didn’t include your instructions, your account manager will contact you to clarify how you wish to apply the credits.